Python Examples

All the python examples can be found in the repository. You can also find many examples in the python tutorials.

Load an image and display itImage
Load an whole slide image (WSI) and display itImage
Convert a numpy ndarray image to a FAST image and display it
Generate tissue patches from a whole slide image WSIImage
Filter an image in FAST, convert it to numpy ndarrays and display it with matplotlibImage
Neural network segmentation of ultrasound imagesImage
Export visualization of ultrasound video segmentation to a video fileImage
Capture individual frames of a video file, convert to images and display with matplotlibImage
Display orthogonal slices of 3D CT data with segmentation overlayImage
Display orthogonal slices of 3D MRI data with segmentation overlayImage
Block matching based ultrasound speckle trackingImage
Stream images from webcamera and apply edge detectionImage
Stream images from Clarius ultrasound scanner and apply a non-local means (NLM) filterImage
Extract surface mesh from CT volume and render using GPU-based Marching Cubes algorithmImage
Create a rotating GIF of a 3D volumeImage
Inject Python code into a FAST pipeline by creating a custom Python process objectImage
Create a custom data streamer in PythonImage
Create a custom random access streamer with playback GUI in PythonImage
Creating a Qt GUI with PySide2 along FASTImage
Using FAST in an existing PySide2 applicationImage
Real-time line plottingImage
Controlling a FAST surface extraction pipeline with a Qt GUI using PySide2Image
Stream ultrasound file format (UFF) data, apply non-local means and displayImage
Stream ultrasound file format (UFF) data and display with matplotlibImage
Perform envelope detection, log compression and scan conversion on ultrasound IQ dataImage
Beamform ultrasound file format (UFF) data with VBeam and process & visualize with FASTImage