C++ Examples

All C++ examples are included in the release fast/bin folder, the source code for all examples can be found in the repository. Many of the examples include command line options which can you can discover by appending `–help to the command line when running the executable.

Importing and streaming data

Import image from file
Stream images from disk
Import mesh from file
Import point set from file
Import line set from file
Import and view whole slide microscopy image
Stream images from Clarius ultrasound scanner

Image filtering

Gaussian smoothing filter
Non local means filter

Image segmentation

Binary thresholding
Seeded region growing
Airway segmentation and centerline extraction
Lung segmentation
Neural network ultasound segmentation
Neural network CT volume segmentation
Neural network whole slide microscopy image (WSI) segmentation


Iterative closest point

Graphical user interface

Simple GUI to change parameters of algorithms and visualize the resultWindow, GaussianSmoothingFilter, SurfaceExtraction, MeshRenderer, ImageFileImporter