Build FAST on Windows

These instructions are for building FAST on Windows using Visual Studio. If you only want to test and use FAST, please download a release instead.

This is tested on Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition which can be downloaded for free.

Install requirements

  1. Download and install these tools:
  2. Install OpenCL and OpenGL.
    • OpenGL: Usually installed along with your graphics driver.
    • OpenCL: To install OpenCL on Windows, download an implementation depending on the CPU/GPU you have and want to use:
  3. FAST will download all other dependencies (Qt5, eigen, zlib, DCMTK, OpenVINO, tensorflow, +++) automatically. Note that some optional requirements are needed for video streaming and GPU neural network inference, this can be installed later.

Clone and Configure

Clone the code using Git and configure the project using CMake:

git clone
mkdir build
cd build
# Default cmake configuration. Options may be added like so: 
cmake.exe ..

This will create a Visual Studio solution in your build folder.

FAST has several optional modules and build options. These are enabled using cmake options named FAST_MODULE_<Name> and FAST_BUILD_<Name>. Here is a list of some options which might be useful:

  • FAST_MODULE_TensorFlow
  • FAST_MODULE_WholeSlideImaging
  • FAST_MODULE_Clarius
  • FAST_MODULE_Python
  • FAST_MODULE_Plotting
  • FAST_MODULE_RealSense


You can now compile FAST from Visual Studio by opening the FAST.sln file in the build folder (Remember to select Release config) OR you can compile FAST from the command line:

cmake.exe --build . --config Release --target ALL_BUILD -j 8


To test that your build was successful, run the systemCheck application:


This should display the FAST logo and some FAST+OpenCL information.


Still stuck? Get help at Image


Set CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to where you want to install FAST on your drive. Then run:

cmake.exe --build . --config Release --target INSTALL -j 8

Build Windows installer

To build a Windows executable installer run:

cmake.exe --build . --config Release --target package -j 8

Build the Python bindings (pyFAST)

Configure cmake with Python enabled: cmake.exe .. -DFAST_MODULE_Python=ON

Then build the python-wheel target: cmake.exe --build . --config Release --target python-wheel -j 8

The wheel will appear in the python/dist folder.