Streamers module

Process objects which produces a stream of data asynchronously. Must inherit from Streamer.



class fast::CameraStreamer
Stream images from a (web)camera.
class fast::ClariusStreamer
Stream ultrasound images from a Clarius scanner.
class fast::FileStreamer
Abstract file streamer class.
class fast::ImageFileStreamer
Stream a sequence of image files from disk.
class fast::MeshFileStreamer
Stream a sequence of Mesh stored in VTK polydata files.
class fast::MovieStreamer
Stream movie files.
class fast::OpenIGTLinkStreamer
Stream image or transforms from an OpenIGTLink server.
class fast::RandomAccessStreamer
Abstract class of streamer in which any frame can be accessed at any time through an integer index and playbacked can be paused.
class fast::RealSenseStreamer
Streams data RGB and depth data from an Intel RealSense camera.
class fast::Streamer
Abstract base class for all Streamers.
class fast::UFFStreamer
Stream ultrasound file format (UFF) data.