fast::MovieStreamer class

Stream movie files.

This streamer uses Qt 5 to streams every frame in a movie as an Image.

Output ports

Base classes

class Streamer
Abstract base class for all Streamers.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators


Public functions

auto create(std::string filename, bool grayscale, bool loop) -> std::shared_ptr<MovieStreamer>
Create instance.
void setFilename(std::string filename)
auto getFilename() const -> std::string
auto hasReachedEnd() -> bool
void addNewImageFrame(const uchar* data, int width, int height)
void setGrayscale(bool grayscale)
auto getGrayscale() const -> bool
void setFinished(bool finished)
void setLoop(bool loop)
auto getLoop() const -> bool
auto getFramesAdded() const -> int
void loadAttributes() override
void addLastFrame()

Private functions

void execute() virtual
void generateStream() override

Function documentation

std::shared_ptr<MovieStreamer> fast::MovieStreamer::create(std::string filename, bool grayscale, bool loop)

Create instance.

filename Movie file to stream from
grayscale Whether to convert to grayscale or not
loop Whether to loop the video or not
Returns instance

void fast::MovieStreamer::generateStream() override private

The function producing the data stream