fast::MovieStreamer class

Stream movie files.

This streamer uses Qt 5 to streams every frame in a movie as an Image.

Output ports

Base classes

class Streamer
Abstract base class for all Streamers.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators


Public functions

auto create(std::string filename, bool grayscale) -> std::shared_ptr<MovieStreamer>
Create instance.
void setFilename(std::string filename)
auto getFilename() const -> std::string
auto hasReachedEnd() -> bool
void addNewImageFrame(const uchar* data, int width, int height)
void setGrayscale(bool grayscale)
auto getGrayscale() const -> bool
void setFinished(bool finished)
auto getFramesAdded() const -> int
void loadAttributes() override
void addLastFrame()

Private functions

void execute() virtual
void generateStream() override

Function documentation

std::shared_ptr<MovieStreamer> fast::MovieStreamer::create(std::string filename, bool grayscale)

Create instance.

filename Movie file to stream from
grayscale Whether to convert to grayscale or not
Returns instance

void fast::MovieStreamer::generateStream() override private

The function producing the data stream