fast::RealSenseStreamer class

Streams data RGB and depth data from an Intel RealSense camera.

The RGB camera and depth stream are registered so that a color value for each point in the point cloud is established.

Default streaming mode is StreamingMode::NewestFrameOnly

Output ports

  • 0: Image - Registered RGB image
  • 1: Image - Registered depth image
  • 2: Mesh - Registered point cloud

Base classes

class Streamer
Abstract base class for all Streamers.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators


Public functions

void setMaxRange(float range)
void setMinRange(float range)
void setMaxWidth(float range)
void setMinWidth(float range)
void setMaxHeight(float range)
void setMinHeight(float range)
auto getNrOfFrames() const -> uint
auto getPoint(int x, int y) -> MeshVertex

Private functions

void execute() virtual
void generateStream() override

Function documentation

void fast::RealSenseStreamer::setMaxRange(float range)


Set maximum range in millimeters. All points above this range will be dropped.

void fast::RealSenseStreamer::setMinRange(float range)


Set minimum range in millimeters. All points below this range will be dropped.

MeshVertex fast::RealSenseStreamer::getPoint(int x, int y)


Gets corresponding 3D point from rgb image coordinate

void fast::RealSenseStreamer::generateStream() override private

The function producing the data stream