fast::OpenIGTLinkStreamer class

Stream image or transforms from an OpenIGTLink server.

This streamer uses the OpenIGTLink protocol and library to stream data such as images and transforms from a server

Default streaming mode is StreamingMode::NewestFrameOnly

Output ports

Multiple ports possible dependeing on number of streams from OpenIGTLink server

Base classes

class Streamer
Abstract base class for all Streamers.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators


Public functions

auto create(std::string ipAddress, int port) -> std::shared_ptr<OpenIGTLinkStreamer>
Create instance.
auto getImageStreamNames() -> std::set<std::string>
auto getTransformStreamNames() -> std::set<std::string>
auto getActiveImageStreamNames() -> std::vector<std::string>
auto getActiveTransformStreamNames() -> std::vector<std::string>
auto getStreamDescription(std::string streamName) -> std::string
void setConnectionAddress(std::string address)
void setConnectionPort(uint port)
auto getNrOfFrames() const -> uint
auto getOutputPortNumber(std::string deviceName) -> uint
auto getOutputPort(uint portID = 0) -> DataChannel::pointer override
auto getOutputPort(std::string deviceName) -> DataChannel::pointer
auto createOutputPortForDevice(std::string deviceName) -> uint
void generateStream() override
void loadAttributes() override
auto getCurrentFramerate() -> float

Private functions

void execute() virtual

Function documentation

std::shared_ptr<OpenIGTLinkStreamer> fast::OpenIGTLinkStreamer::create(std::string ipAddress, int port)

Create instance.

ipAddress IP address of server to connect to. Default is localhost
port Port of server to connect to. Default is 18944
Returns instance

uint fast::OpenIGTLinkStreamer::getOutputPortNumber(std::string deviceName)

Returns output port number

Get output port number for specific device

DataChannel::pointer fast::OpenIGTLinkStreamer::getOutputPort(uint portID = 0) override

Will select first image stream

void fast::OpenIGTLinkStreamer::generateStream() override

This method runs in a separate thread and adds frames to the output object