fast::FileStreamer class

Abstract file streamer class.

Output ports

Base classes

class RandomAccessStreamer
Abstract class of streamer in which any frame can be accessed at any time through an integer index and playbacked can be paused.

Derived classes

class ImageFileStreamer
Stream a sequence of image files from disk.
class MeshFileStreamer
Stream a sequence of Mesh stored in VTK polydata files.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

FileStreamer() protected

Public functions

void setFilenameFormat(std::string str)
void setFilenameFormats(std::vector<std::string> strings)
void setStartNumber(uint startNumber)
void setStepSize(uint step)
void setZeroFilling(uint digits)
void setNumberOfReplays(uint replays)
void setMaximumNumberOfFrames(uint nrOfFrames)
void setTimestampFilename(std::string filepath)
void enableLooping()
void disableLooping()
void setSleepTime(uint milliseconds)
auto getNrOfFrames() -> int virtual
void setUseTimestamp(bool use)
auto getNameOfClass() const -> std::string virtual
void loadAttributes() override

Protected functions

auto getDataFrame(std::string filename) -> DataObject::pointer pure virtual
auto getFilename(uint i, int currentSequence) const -> std::string
void generateStream() override
void execute() virtual

Protected variables

int mNrOfReplays
uint mZeroFillDigits
int mStartNumber
int mNrOfFrames
int mMaximumNrOfFrames
uint mSleepTime
uint mStepSize
bool mUseTimestamp
std::vector<std::string> mFilenameFormats
std::string mTimestampFilename

Function documentation

void fast::FileStreamer::setSleepTime(uint milliseconds)

Set a sleep time after each frame is read

void fast::FileStreamer::setUseTimestamp(bool use)


Enable or disable the use of timestamps when streaming files.

void fast::FileStreamer::generateStream() override protected

The function producing the data stream