fast::ImageFileStreamer class

Stream a sequence of image files from disk.

Images has to be stored with an index before the file extension. E.g. some_name_0.mhd, some_name_1.mhd, some_name_2.mhd ... or some_name_0.png, some_name_1.png, some_name_2.png ...

This streamer uses the ImageFileImporter to read the images from disk.

Output ports

Base classes

class FileStreamer
Abstract file streamer class.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

ImageFileStreamer() protected

Public functions

auto create(std::string filenameFormat, bool loop, bool useTimestamps, int framerate) -> std::shared_ptr<ImageFileStreamer>
Create a ImageFileStreamer instance.

Protected functions

auto getDataFrame(std::string filename) -> DataObject::pointer override

Function documentation

std::shared_ptr<ImageFileStreamer> fast::ImageFileStreamer::create(std::string filenameFormat, bool loop, bool useTimestamps, int framerate)

Create a ImageFileStreamer instance.

filenameFormat String of path and format of images. E.g. /path/to/files/frame_#.mhd. The hash sign # will be replaced by an index
loop Whether to loop the recording or not
useTimestamps Whether to use timestamps in image files (if available) when streaming, or just stream as fast as possible
framerate If framerate is > 0, this framerate will be used for streaming the images
Returns instance