fast::UFFStreamer class

Stream ultrasound file format (UFF) data.

A streamer for reading data stored in the ultrasound file format (UFF) which is essentially and HDF5 file with ultrasound image/beam data.

Output ports

Base classes

class RandomAccessStreamer
Abstract class of streamer in which any frame can be accessed at any time through an integer index and playbacked can be paused.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

UFFStreamer() protected

Public functions

auto create(std::string filename, bool loop, uint framerate) -> std::shared_ptr<UFFStreamer>
Create instance.
void setFilename(std::string filename)
void execute() override
auto getNrOfFrames() -> int override
void setName(std::string name)
void loadAttributes() override

Protected functions

void generateStream() override

Protected variables

std::string m_filename
std::string m_name
std::shared_ptr<UFFData> m_uffData

Function documentation

std::shared_ptr<UFFStreamer> fast::UFFStreamer::create(std::string filename, bool loop, uint framerate)

Create instance.

filename UFF file to stream from
loop Whether to loop or not
framerate Max framerate (FPS) to output frames
Returns instance

void fast::UFFStreamer::generateStream() override protected

The function producing the data stream