Renderers module

Renderers are process objects which can visualize data in a View, typically using OpenGL. They should be derived from the Renderer class.



class fast::BoundingBoxRenderer
Renders a set of bounding boxes.
class fast::HeatmapRenderer
Renders Tensor data objects as heatmaps.
class fast::ImageRenderer
Renders 2D Image data objects, both in 2D and 3D.
class fast::LineRenderer
Renders lines stored in Mesh data objects.
class fast::RenderToImage
Render to an image.
class fast::SegmentationLabelRenderer
Renders text labels on top of Segmentation data.
class fast::SegmentationRenderer
Renders 2D segmentation data.
class fast::SliceRenderer
Renders a 2D image slice extracted from a 3D image.
class fast::TextRenderer
Renders Text data.
class fast::TriangleRenderer
Renders triangle Mesh data.
class fast::VectorFieldColorRenderer
Renders a vector field image using colors.
class fast::VectorFieldRenderer
Renders a vector field image using lines.
class fast::VertexRenderer
Renders vertices as a circular points.
class fast::AlphaBlendingVolumeRenderer
Renders 3D images/volumes using ray-casting and alpha blending.
class fast::MaximumIntensityProjection
Renders 3D images using ray-casting and maximum intensity projection (MIP)
class fast::ThresholdVolumeRenderer
Renders 3D images using ray-casting and a threshold.
class fast::VolumeRenderer
Abstract base class for volume renderers.