fast::TriangleRenderer class

Renders triangle Mesh data.

Base classes

class Renderer
Abstract base class for Renderers.

Public functions

auto create(Color color, float opacity, bool wireframe, float specularReflection) -> std::shared_ptr<TriangleRenderer>
Create instance.
auto addInputConnection(DataChannel::pointer port) -> uint override
auto addInputConnection(DataChannel::pointer port, Color color, float opacity) -> uint
void setDefaultOpacity(float opacity)
void setWireframe(bool wireframe)
void setDefaultColor(Color color)
void setDefaultSpecularReflection(float specularReflection)
void setColor(uint inputNr, Color color)
void setLabelColor(int label, Color color)
void setOpacity(uint inputNr, float opacity)
void setLineSize(int size)
void setIgnoreInvertedNormals(bool ignore)

Private functions

void draw(Matrix4f perspectiveMatrix, Matrix4f viewingMatrix, float zNear, float zFar, bool mode2D, int viewWidth, int viewHeight) override

Function documentation

std::shared_ptr<TriangleRenderer> fast::TriangleRenderer::create(Color color, float opacity, bool wireframe, float specularReflection)

Create instance.

color Color of triangles
opacity Triangle opacity
wireframe Display wireframe or not
Returns instance

uint fast::TriangleRenderer::addInputConnection(DataChannel::pointer port) override

Returns the input nr of the new connection

Adds a new input connection

void fast::TriangleRenderer::setWireframe(bool wireframe)


Enable/disable renderer of wireframe instead of filled polygons

void fast::TriangleRenderer::setIgnoreInvertedNormals(bool ignore)


Ignore inverted normals. This gives a better visualization if some normals in a mesh points have opposite direction.

Default: true