Whole Slide Images (WSI) module

Objects and functions used for whole slide images (WSI) in digital pathology.



class fast::PatchGenerator
Generates a stream of patches from an ImagePyramid or 3D Image.
class fast::PatchStitcher
Stitch a stream of processed patches from the PatchGenerator.
class fast::ImagePyramidLevelExtractor
Extract a level of an image pyramid as an image.
class fast::TissueMicroArrayExtractor
Extract tissue micro arrays (TMAs) from a whole-slide image.
class fast::TissueSegmentation
Segment tissue from a WSI.
class fast::ImagePyramid
Image pyramid data object.
class fast::ImagePyramidPatchExporter
Exports an ImagePyramid to disk as a large set of image patches. Each patch is stored as a PNG image with the file name indicating its position and size. This exporter can handle both an ImagePyramid input and a stream of image patches.
class fast::TIFFImagePyramidExporter
Export an ImagePyramid to disk in the tiled pyramid TIFF format.
class fast::WholeSlideImageImporter
Read a whole slide image from disk.
class fast::ImagePyramidRenderer
Renders tiled image pyramids.


enum class ImageCompression { UNSPECIFIED, RAW, JPEG, JPEG2000, LZW, NEURAL_NETWORK, DEFLATE }
Image compression types for ImagePyramids.

Enum documentation

enum class ImageCompression

Image compression types for ImagePyramids.