fast::ImagePyramidPatchExporter class

Exports an ImagePyramid to disk as a large set of image patches. Each patch is stored as a PNG image with the file name indicating its position and size. This exporter can handle both an ImagePyramid input and a stream of image patches.


Base classes

class Exporter
Abstract base class for exporters.

Public functions

auto create(std::string path, uint level, uint width, uint height) -> std::shared_ptr<ImagePyramidPatchExporter>
Create instance.
void setPath(std::string path)
void setPatchSize(uint width, uint height)
void setLevel(uint level)
void loadAttributes() override

Private functions

void execute() override

Function documentation

std::shared_ptr<ImagePyramidPatchExporter> fast::ImagePyramidPatchExporter::create(std::string path, uint level, uint width, uint height)

Create instance.

path Path to a directory to export patches to
level Image pyramid level to extract patches from
width Width of patch
height Height of patch
Returns instance

void fast::ImagePyramidPatchExporter::setPath(std::string path)


Path to the folder to put all tiles in. If folder does not exist, it will be created.

void fast::ImagePyramidPatchExporter::setLevel(uint level)


Which level in the image pyramid to export patches from. Default is 0. This is only used if input is an image pyramid.