fast::TissueMicroArrayExtractor class

Extract tissue micro arrays (TMAs) from a whole-slide image.

This method create a stream of images of the TMAs in a whole-slide image pyramid.



  • 0: Image stream of TMAs from input

Base classes

class Streamer
Abstract base class for all Streamers.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators


Public functions

auto create(int level, float areaThreshold, int tissueThreshold, int dilationSize, int erosionSize) -> std::shared_ptr<TissueMicroArrayExtractor>
Create instance.
auto getLevel() const -> int
void setAreaThreshold(float threshold)
auto getAreaThreshold() const -> float
void setTissueThreshold(int threshold)
auto getTissueThreshold() const -> int

Private functions

void generateStream() virtual
void execute() override

Function documentation

std::shared_ptr<TissueMicroArrayExtractor> fast::TissueMicroArrayExtractor::create(int level, float areaThreshold, int tissueThreshold, int dilationSize, int erosionSize)

Create instance.

level Which image pyramid level to extract TMAs from. Default is 0 which is highest resolution level. Negative level means the last level (lowest resolution).
areaThreshold Percentage of median area a TMA disc candidate has to have to be included.
tissueThreshold Threshold for distance from white (255,255,255) to be considered as tissue.
dilationSize Size of dilation to perform after thresholding
erosionSize Size of erosion to perform after thresholding
Returns instance

void fast::TissueMicroArrayExtractor::generateStream() virtual private

The function producing the data stream