Importers module

Process objects used to load and output data such as images, tensors and geometry.



class fast::DICOMFileImporter
Read DICOM image data (both 2D and 3D).
class fast::FileImporter
Abstract base class for importers which import a file with a filename.
class fast::HDF5TensorImporter
Read tensor data stored in HDF5 format.
class fast::ImageFileImporter
Read image data stored in various file formats.
class fast::ImageImporter
Read JPG/PNG/BMP/TIFF images.
class fast::ImagePyramidPatchImporter
Loads an image pyramid from a set of image patches stored in a folder.
class fast::Importer
Abstract base class for Importers.
template<class TImage>
class fast::ITKImageImporter
Imports and ITK image.
class fast::MetaImageImporter
Loads an image stored in the MetaImage format (.mhd/.raw)
class fast::NIFTIImporter
Import NIfTI image files.
class fast::TIFFImagePyramidImporter
Import image Pyramid stored as tiled multi-page TIFF.
class fast::VTKImageImporter
Loads a VTK image to FAST.
class fast::VTKMeshFileImporter
Reads gemoetry mesh data from a .vtk polydata file.
class fast::WholeSlideImageImporter
Read a whole slide image from disk.