fast::HDF5TensorImporter class

Read tensor data stored in HDF5 format.

This importer uses the HDF5 C++ library to load Tensor (N-D array) data from disk.

Base classes

class FileImporter
Abstract base class for importers which import a file with a filename.

Public functions

auto create(std::string filename, std::string datasetName) -> std::shared_ptr<HDF5TensorImporter>
Create instance.
void setDatasetName(std::string datasetName)
void loadAttributes() override

Private functions

void execute() override

Function documentation

std::shared_ptr<HDF5TensorImporter> fast::HDF5TensorImporter::create(std::string filename, std::string datasetName)

Create instance.

filename HDF5 file to read
datasetName Name of dataset in HDF5 file to import
Returns instance