Filter module

Objects and functions for image filtering.



class fast::GaussianSmoothing
Smoothing by convolution with a Gaussian mask.
class fast::ImageCaster
Cast image to another data type.
class fast::ImageFlipper
Flip images.
class fast::ImageGradient
Calculate image gradient using central finite difference method.
class fast::ImageSharpening
Image sharpening by the unsharp masking method.
class fast::ImageTransposer
Transpose images.
class fast::IntensityClipping
Clips the pixel intensities of an image to specific values.
class fast::IntensityNormalization
Normalize intensities of an image to a 0-1 or custom range.
class fast::ZeroMeanUnitVariance
Normalize intensities of an image to have zero mean and unit variance.
class fast::LaplacianOfGaussian
Calculate image gradient using Laplacian of Gaussian method.
class fast::NonLocalMeans
Multiscale Non-Local Means (NLM) smoothing.
class fast::ImageMovingAverage
Temporal smoothing of image using moving average.
class fast::ImageWeightedMovingAverage
Temporal smoothing of image using weighted moving average.
class fast::UltrasoundImageEnhancement
Apply a color map and reject on an ultrasound image.
class fast::VectorMedianFilter
Apply median filter on vector field to reduce noise.