fast::ImageGradient class

Calculate image gradient using central finite difference method.

Base classes

class ProcessObject
Abstract base class for all process objects.

Public functions

auto create(bool use16BitFormat) -> std::shared_ptr<ImageGradient>
Create instance.
void set16bitStorageFormat()
void set32bitStorageFormat()

Private functions

void execute() virtual

Function documentation

std::shared_ptr<ImageGradient> fast::ImageGradient::create(bool use16BitFormat)

Create instance.

use16BitFormat Use normalized 16 bit float representation instead of regular 32 bit
Returns instance

void fast::ImageGradient::set16bitStorageFormat()

Use 16 bit format to reduce memory usage

void fast::ImageGradient::set32bitStorageFormat()

Use regular 32 bit float format (default)