fast::LaplacianOfGaussian class

Calculate image gradient using Laplacian of Gaussian method.

Base classes

class ProcessObject
Abstract base class for all process objects.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators


Public functions

auto create(float stdDev, uchar maskSize) -> std::shared_ptr<LaplacianOfGaussian>
Create instance.
void setStandardDeviation(float stdDev)

Private functions

void execute() virtual
void waitToFinish() virtual

Function documentation

std::shared_ptr<LaplacianOfGaussian> fast::LaplacianOfGaussian::create(float stdDev, uchar maskSize)

Create instance.

stdDev Standard deviation of Gaussian, default: 1.0
maskSize Size of mask used for Gaussian, if zero mask size is calculated based on stdDev. Default: 0
Returns instance