importImageFromFile.cpp source

An example of importing and visualizing an image from file using the ImageFileImporter

#include <FAST/Tools/CommandLineParser.hpp>
#include "FAST/Importers/ImageFileImporter.hpp"
#include "FAST/Visualization/ImageRenderer/ImageRenderer.hpp"
#include "FAST/Visualization/SimpleWindow.hpp"

using namespace fast;

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
    CommandLineParser parser("Import image from file example");
    parser.addPositionVariable(1, "filename", Config::getTestDataPath() + "US/US-2D.jpg");
    parser.parse(argc, argv);

    // Import image from file using the ImageFileImporter
    auto importer = ImageFileImporter::create(parser.get(1));

    // Render
    auto renderer = ImageRenderer::create()->connect(importer);

    // Setup window
    auto window = SimpleWindow2D::create()->connect(renderer);
    // This will automatically close the window after 5 seconds, used for CI testing
    // Run entire pipeline and display window