Segmentation module

Objects and functions for image segmentation.



class fast::BinaryThresholding
Segmentation using a threshold value.
class fast::CenterlineExtraction
Extract centerline from 3D image segmentation.
class fast::EulerGradientVectorFlow
Gradient vector flow using Euler method.
class fast::MultigridGradientVectorFlow
Gradient vector flow using the multigrid method.
class fast::KalmanFilterModelSegmentation
Kalman filter deformable model segmentation.
class fast::LabelModifier
Change labels in a segmentation image.
class fast::LevelSetSegmentation
Level set image segmentation.
class fast::LungSegmentation
Segment the lung, airways and blood vessels from a CT using seeded region growing and morpohology.
class fast::MeshToSegmentation
Converts a line (2D) or triangle (3D) mesh to a segmentation image.
class fast::Dilation
Perform binary dilation with disk structuring element.
class fast::Erosion
Perform binary erosion with disk structuring element.
class fast::RegionProperties
Calculate properties, such as area, contour and centroid, for every segmentation region.
class fast::SeededRegionGrowing
Segmentation by seeded region growing.
class fast::SegmentationVolumeReconstructor
Reconstruct a stream of 2D segmentation images into a 3D segmentation image.
class fast::Skeletonization
Extract the skeleton of 2D segmentation as a 2D image.
class fast::SurfaceExtraction
Extract triangle mesh from a 3D Image (volume)
class fast::TissueSegmentation
Segment tissue from a WSI.
class fast::TubeSegmentationAndCenterlineExtraction
Segmentation and centerline extraction of tubular structures.