fast::SurfaceExtraction class

Extract triangle mesh from a 3D Image (volume)

This process object uses the Marching Cubes algorithm to extract a isosurface, a triangle Mesh, from a 3D Image. This GPU OpenCL implementation uses histogram pyramids and is documented in the article "Real-time surface extraction and visualization of medical images using OpenCL and GPUs" Smistad et al. 2012



  • 0: Mesh - Surface triangle mesh extracted from input image

Base classes

class ProcessObject
Abstract base class for all process objects.

Public functions

void setThreshold(float threshold)
Create instance.
auto getThreshold() const -> float

Private functions

void execute() virtual

Function documentation

void fast::SurfaceExtraction::setThreshold(float threshold)

Create instance.

threshold Intensity threshold to accept a voxel as part the segmentation.
Returns instance