Neural Network module

Objects and functions related to Neural Network processing.



class fast::ImageToBatchGenerator
Converts a stream of images into stream of Batch data objects.
class fast::BoundingBoxNetwork
Neural network process object for bounding box detection.
class fast::ImagesToSequence
Process object for converting a stream of images to a Sequence data object.
class fast::FlowNetwork
A neural network for optical flow estimation.
class fast::ImageClassification
Image classification data object.
class fast::ImageClassificationNetwork
Image classification neural network.
class fast::ImageToImageNetwork
Image-to-Image neural network process object.
class fast::NeuralNetworkNode
A struct/class representing a neural network input/output node.
class fast::ONNXRuntimeEngine
Microsofts ONNX Runtime inference engine with DirectX/ML support.
class fast::Sequence
Sequence data object.
class fast::Batch
Batch data object.
class fast::NeuralNetwork
Neural network process object.
class fast::SegmentationNetwork
Segmentation neural network process object.
class fast::TensorToBoundingBoxSet
Convert a tensor to a set of bounding boxes.
class fast::TensorToImage
Converts a Tensor with shape HxWxC to a FAST Image.
class fast::TensorToSegmentation
A process object which converts a Tensor to a Segmentation object.
class fast::Tensor
N-Dimensional tensor data object.
class fast::TensorShape
Object representing the shape of a Tensor.