Exporters module

Process objects used to export FAST data to files on disk or other formats.



class fast::Exporter
Abstract base class for exporters.
class fast::HDF5TensorExporter
Write a Tensor to a HDF5 file.
class fast::ImageExporter
Write an Image to a file using image format such as JPG/PNG/BMP/GIF.
class fast::ImageFileExporter
Write image to a file with various formats.
class fast::ImagePyramidPatchExporter
Exports an ImagePyramid to disk as a large set of image patches. Each patch is stored as a PNG image with the file name indicating its position and size. This exporter can handle both an ImagePyramid input and a stream of image patches.
template<class TImage>
class fast::ITKImageExporter
Export a FAST Image to an ITK image.
class fast::MetaImageExporter
Export an Image to disk with the metaimage format (.mhd/.raw)
class fast::StreamToFileExporter
Write a stream of Mesh or Image data as a sequence of files.
class fast::VTKImageExporter
Export a FAST Image to an VTK image.
class fast::VTKMeshExporter
Export a FAST Mesh to an VTK PolyData object.
class fast::VTKMeshFileExporter
Write Mesh to file using the VTK polydata format.