fast::SpatialDataObject class

Abstract base class for all spatial data objects.

Spatial data objects are data which have a location in 2D/3D space.

Base classes

class DataObject
Abstract data object class.

Derived classes

class BoundingBox
A 2D bounding box data object.
class BoundingBoxSet
A data object representing a (large) set of bounding boxes.
class Image
Image data.
class ImagePyramid
Image pyramid data object.
class Mesh
Geometry data such as vertices, lines and triangles.
class Tensor
N-Dimensional tensor data object.
class Text
Text data object.

Public types

using pointer = std::shared_ptr<SpatialDataObject>

Public static functions

static auto getStaticNameOfClass() -> std::string

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators


Public functions

void setTransform(Transform::pointer transform, bool disconnectParentSceneGraphNode = false)
auto getTransform(bool getFullTransform = true) -> Transform::pointer
auto getBoundingBox() const -> DataBoundingBox virtual
auto getTransformedBoundingBox() const -> DataBoundingBox virtual
auto getSceneGraphNode() const -> SceneGraphNode::pointer

Protected variables

DataBoundingBox mBoundingBox