fast::ShapeModel class

This is an abstract base class for all shape models. These objects describe a deformable shape, its parameters and how it is allowed to change in space and time.

Base classes

class Object
Base class for all FAST objects.

Derived classes

class CardinalSplineModel
Cardinal spline shape model.
class EllipseModel
Ellipse shape model.
class MeanValueCoordinatesModel
Mean value coordinates shape model.

Public types

using pointer = std::shared_ptr<ShapeModel>

Public functions

auto getShape(VectorXf state) -> Shape::pointer pure virtual
auto getStateTransitionMatrix1() -> MatrixXf pure virtual
auto getStateTransitionMatrix2() -> MatrixXf pure virtual
auto getStateTransitionMatrix3() -> MatrixXf pure virtual
auto getProcessErrorMatrix() -> MatrixXf pure virtual
auto getInitialState(std::shared_ptr<Image> image) -> VectorXf pure virtual
auto getMeasurementVectors(VectorXf state, Shape::pointer shape) -> std::vector<MatrixXf> pure virtual
auto restrictState(VectorXf state) -> VectorXf virtual