fast::MultiViewWindow class

Window with multiple views.

Base classes

class Window
Abstract base class for windows.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators


Public functions

auto create(int viewCount, Color bgcolor, int width, int height, bool verticalMode) -> std::shared_ptr<MultiViewWindow>
void addRenderer(int viewIndex, Renderer::pointer renderer)
void removeAllRenderers()
void setHorizontalMode()
void setVerticalMode()
void setBackgroundColor(Color color)
void setNrOfViews(int views)
void start() override
auto connect(int viewNr, std::shared_ptr<Renderer> renderer) -> std::shared_ptr<MultiViewWindow>
auto connect(int viewNr, std::vector<std::shared_ptr<Renderer>> renderers) -> std::shared_ptr<MultiViewWindow>

Protected functions

void createLayout()

Protected variables

bool mVerticalMode

Function documentation

void fast::MultiViewWindow::start() override

Starts an update loop on all renderers attached to each view in this window.