fast::InterleavePlayback class

Interleaves input data streams into one output stream with playback control.

The difference between this InterleavePlayback and Interleave, is that this PO can be used with PlaybackWidget.


  • 0-N: Any types of data


  • 0: Same as input data

Base classes

class RandomAccessStreamer
Abstract class of streamer in which any frame can be accessed at any time through an integer index and playbacked can be paused.

Public functions

auto create(std::shared_ptr<RandomAccessStreamer> sourceStreamer, int framerate) -> std::shared_ptr<InterleavePlayback> override
Create instance.
void generateStream() override
void setCurrentFrameIndex(int index) override
auto getCurrentFrameIndex() -> int override
void setFramerate(int framerate) override
auto getFramerate() const -> int override
void setPause(bool pause) override
void setLooping(bool loop) override

Private functions

void execute() virtual

Function documentation

std::shared_ptr<InterleavePlayback> fast::InterleavePlayback::create(std::shared_ptr<RandomAccessStreamer> sourceStreamer, int framerate) override

Create instance.

sourceStreamer The RandomAccessStreamer which is the source of this stream
framerate Framerate to switch between input data
Returns instance

void fast::InterleavePlayback::generateStream() override

The function producing the data stream