fast::ImageSlicer class

Slice a 3D image using a defined plane.

Base classes

class ProcessObject
Abstract base class for all process objects.

Public functions

auto create(PlaneType orthogoalSlicePlane, int sliceNr) -> std::shared_ptr<ImageSlicer>
Create instance.
auto create(Plane slicePlane) -> std::shared_ptr<ImageSlicer>
Create instance.
void setOrthogonalSlicePlane(PlaneType orthogonalSlicePlane, int sliceNr = -1)
void setArbitrarySlicePlane(Plane slicePlane)
void loadAttributes() virtual

Private functions

void execute() virtual

Function documentation

std::shared_ptr<ImageSlicer> fast::ImageSlicer::create(PlaneType orthogoalSlicePlane, int sliceNr)

Create instance.

sliceNr Which slice nr to extract, must be smaller than size of the slicing dimension. If negative center slice will be used
Returns instance

Slice a 3D image with an orthogonal slice plane. Default slice nr is the center slice.

std::shared_ptr<ImageSlicer> fast::ImageSlicer::create(Plane slicePlane)

Create instance.

Returns instance

Slice a volume with an arbitrary slice plane defined by Plane.