Install FAST for Ubuntu Linux


To install FAST on Ubuntu Linux (18.04 or newer) make sure you have installed the requirements:

  • OpenGL: Usually installed along with your graphics driver.
  • OpenCL: To install OpenCL on Linux, download an implementation depending on the CPU/GPU you have:

Some optional requirements are needed for video streaming and GPU neural network inference, this can be installed later.

Download and install

Then, download the debian installer (fast_ubuntu18.04_X.X.X.deb) from the release page and install the package as follows:

sudo dpkg -i fast_ubuntu18.04_X.X.X.deb

This will install FAST in the directory /opt/fast/.


To test if your FAST installation works, you can the following:

cd /opt/fast/bin/

You should now see the FAST logo on your screen along with some technical information on OpenCL. To start using FAST, you might want to look at the C++ introduction tutorial and the C++ examples page.


If the installer fails you can download .tar.xz file instead, and just extract it to anywhere on your drive.


To uninstall FAST: sudo apt remove fast

To delete the test data and any cached data, delete the folder /home/'your username'/FAST/ as well.