Install FAST for Python

To install FAST for Python (3.6 or newer), first make sure you have all the necessary requirements installed.

Then you may simply install FAST using pip:

pip install pyfast

Alternatively, you can also download a Python wheel (pyFAST-X.X.X-cp36-abi3-X.whl) from the release page, and install it by:

pip install pyFAST-X.X.X-cp36-abi3-X.whl

To test that your installation works you can do the following:

# Start python

Then write the following python code, which should display the FAST logo on your screen.

import fast

importer = fast.ImageFileImporter\
    .create(fast.Config.getDocumentationPath() + '/images/FAST_logo_square.png')

renderer = fast.ImageRenderer.create()\


To start using FAST, you might want to look at the Python introduction tutorial and the Python examples page.


If you get an error saying something like "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'numpy.core._multiarray_umath'" or "ImportError: numpy.core.multiarray failed to import". Try to completely remove numpy and reinstall:
Run the following command multiple times, until it says "Cannot uninstall numpy..":

pip uninstall numpy

Then reinstall numpy:

pip install numpy


pip uninstall pyfast

To delete the downloaded test data, and any cached data, simply delete the folders C:/ProgramData/FAST/ on windows, and /home/'your username'/FAST/ on Linux.