fast::FileExporter class

Abstract class for file exporters.

Base classes

class Exporter
Abstract base class for exporters.

Derived classes

class HDF5TensorExporter
Write a Tensor to a HDF5 file.
class ImageExporter
Write an Image to a file using image format such as JPG/PNG/BMP/GIF.
class ImageFileExporter
Write image to a file with various formats.
class MetaImageExporter
Export an Image to disk with the metaimage format (.mhd/.raw)
class TIFFImagePyramidExporter
Export an ImagePyramid to disk in the tiled pyramid TIFF format.
class VTKMeshFileExporter
Write Mesh to file using the VTK polydata format.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

FileExporter() protected
FileExporter(std::string filename) protected

Public functions

void setFilename(std::string filename) virtual
void loadAttributes() virtual

Protected functions

void execute() pure virtual

Protected variables

std::string m_filename