fast::DeviceCriteria class

Class used to set up a set of criteria for choosing devices

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators


Public functions

void setPlatformCriteria(DevicePlatform platform)
void setCapabilityCriteria(DeviceCapability capability)
void setTypeCriteria(DeviceType typeCriteria)
void setDevicePreference(DevicePreference preference)
void setDeviceCountCriteria(unsigned int min, unsigned int max)
void setDeviceCountCriteria(unsigned int count)
auto getCapabilityCriteria() const -> const std::vector<DeviceCapability>&
auto getPlatformCriteria() const -> DevicePlatform
auto getTypeCriteria() const -> DeviceType
auto getDevicePreference() const -> DevicePreference
auto getDeviceCountMinCriteria() const -> unsigned int
auto getDeviceCountMaxCriteria() const -> unsigned int
auto hasCapabilityCriteria(DeviceCapability capability) const -> bool